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About Miller Holz

Welcome to Millerholz! At Millerholz, we believe that all products have its own story and it is up to us to help tell the story. Our maintenance free flooring and decking are a labour of love where we put in hours of hard work and used time consuming craftsmanship techniques to make sure the textures and tones are not ones that others cannot easily imitate. We help you change the way you work, think and perhaps most importantly, the way the world sees you. We help your homes and businesses change from the floor up by creating remarkable spaces that work hard and look spectacular.

Our Values

* Dependable: providing exceptional customer service

* Knowledgeable: on boarding team players who believe and are competent enough to represent Millerholz’ best interests

* Innovative: designing, researching and staying up to date with upcoming global market trends

* Curious: consistently expanding the network of referrals to be better informed on emerging opportunities

* Enhancement: making continuous improvements to streamline internal processes to increase quality of service

Our Aspiration

To be the leading solutions provider in sustainable and high quality floors, fences and decking in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Why we are different

People, have always been a strength at MillerHolz. Be it the customer who is calling us, our very own technician installing our decks and fences or even our suppliers to whom we owe a great deal – people have always been at the forefront of everything we do. Our strength is also driven by the products we sell. Not only have we been able to introduce our clientele to the best solutions available in the international markets but also been able to upgrade our products so that they are timely and relevant. We have also been tremendously fortunate to attract groups of people who share similar values and ethics into our small, but growing community. People in our team believe in the power of collaborative work. Customers are equally enthusiastic about our mission towards sustainability. And last, but not least, our suppliers share the same zest and are passionate about providing an end product that is safe for the environment, safe for those using it and is capable of creating something that will last a lifetime.

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