Little Known Facts About Vinyl Flooring by Millerholz in the Maldives


In the sun-kissed group of islands of the Maldives, home decor choices reflect a blend of style and practicality. One such example? The increasing adoption of vinyl flooring. As the go-to flooring company in Maldives, Millerholz is revolutionizing how homeowners perceive and utilize vinyl flooring in Maldives. But why is this material gaining such traction in Maldives’ homes, you ask?

Origins and Discoveries

Vinyl flooring, at its core, traces back to an unexpected chemical discovery. Did you know the very foundation of vinyl, was stumbled upon by accident in the early 1900s? This serendipitous find laid the cornerstone for what we now embrace as pure vinyl flooring which is offered by Millerholz. What’s more, the intricate designs you see, especially the coveted wood-grain patterns, mirror the beauty of nature.

Millerholz's Eco-friendly Drive

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Millerholz; it’s a lifelong commitment. Our vinyl products don’t just look and feel good; they’re crafted with an eco-conscious mindset. Made predominantly from recyclable materials, these floors can enjoy a second life through recycling later, championing a greener earth.

Variety of Millerholz Vinyl Options

Choice and versatility are at the heart of Millerholz vinyl flooring in Maldives. Their range includes:


HERF® (HIGH-END RESILIENT FLOORING): For those seeking premium quality and durability.

DuFLOR: A blend of style and resilience tailored to modern homes.

DuFLOR BASIC: Offering fundamental features for everyday living without compromising on quality.

DuFLOR PURE: The epitome of purity, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for commercial usage.

Advantages in Maldivian Climate

The Maldivian climate poses unique challenges to homeowners: the high humidity, the salty air, and the endless sunshine. Vinyl flooring from Millerholz addresses these concerns head-on. Its moisture-resisting capabilities make it the peoples’ choice in this tropical paradise. Moreover, its ease of cleaning ensures the sandy footprints from beach outings are but a fleeting memory!

Installation and Maintenance

One of the standout features of Millerholz’s offerings is their DIY-friendly nature. No longer do homeowners need to wait for professional help if they have capability and if they know what they are doing; a bit of enthusiasm is all it takes! And when it comes to maintaining that pristine look? A damp mop is your best friend with our care products it lasts a lifetime.


Millerholz isn’t just a flooring company in Maldives; it’s a brand resonating with quality, choice, and sustainability. Their vinyl flooring range stands as a testament to their dedication and the trust Maldivian homeowners place in them.


Is Millerholz vinyl flooring apt for the humid Maldivian climate?

Absolutely! Its moisture-resistant nature is tailor-made for such conditions.


How many years of service can I expect from Millerholz vinyl flooring?

With the right care it can last a lifetime, but we offer a solid 10 to 20 years guarantee for commercial usage and lifetime guarantee for residential usage.


I’m eco-conscious. How does Millerholz dispose of old vinyl floors?

Sustainability is core to Millerholz. They champion recycling initiatives for their vinyl products.


Can I find local experts in Maldives for Millerholz floor installation?

While Millerholz does offer direct installation, we can guide you to our local contractors adept with their products.


I’ve heavy furniture. Will vinyl flooring hold up?

Yes, our vinyl flooring can hold up to heavy furniture, but using protective pads under the furniture will increase its durability and prevent dents.

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