Your purchase is subject to Millerholz’s normal terms and conditions of sale which are shown below for your reference. Please read them carefully.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

Your retailer guarantees the quality of workmanship to be professional and in keeping with industry standards.

Should installation service be required attributable to the original installation of your flooring during the life of the manufacturer’s wear warranty (which varies) from the time your flooring was installed, present your sales receipt, and the store where you made your purchase will return and provide that service at no cost to you.

This warranty is valid only for the original owner-occupied residential installation by your store and will be invalidated if the problem is due to improper maintenance or cleaning, abuse, excessive moisture, vandalism, or alteration.

The following additional conditions are not considered installation-related problems and are not covered beyond this limited-installation warranty:
Tile flooring: tile and grout cracking due to subfloor deflection or foundation settling.
Laminate flooring: moisture-related issues.
Vinyl flooring: visible seams are normally required for installation.
Satisfaction assurance replacement warranty

All our floors carry a 30-day replacement warranty.

If at any time during the first 30 days after your flooring is installed, you wish to change your new flooring for any reason (other than as expressly provided below), present your sales receipt, and the store where you made your purchase will replace it with another style or colour of flooring of equal value.

Should you wish to replace the flooring with a flooring upgrade, you may do so by paying the price difference.

This is a one-time replacement only and does not include replacement of cushion or reinstallation charges. Simply call your retailer within 30 days of installation and indicate that you wish to choose another floor under the replacement warranty, and provide your sales receipt.

This is a replacement warranty and does not apply to matters covered by other warranties. Any replacement product cannot be the same style and colour as the original purchase.

The replacement quantity must be the same as the original purchase. This warranty is valid only for original owner-occupied residential installations.

No replacements will be made concerning flooring that has been glued down, subject to abuse, vandalism, alteration or damage caused by smoke, fire, flood, wind, lightning, or any disaster.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of flooring that has been professionally installed by your retailer. The customer is responsible for all labour and reinstallation charges of all materials, including, but not limited to, flooring, walls, fences and cladding.

Material Amounts

A 2% variance on material widths is within mill tolerances and is agreed to be acceptable within the industry limits. The amount of materials sold is compatible with the measurement of floor covering and the material dimensions. Material overage of approximately 10% is required to cut, seam, and trim materials. In some instances, the amount of padding or underlayment installed may be less.

Installation charges are based on the amount of material needed and not on the installed amount.

Product Color

Colour match to samples will vary from dye lot to dye lot.

Buyer agrees to accept colour variances that fall within industry-established ranges.

Shading, pooling, water marking, shedding, fluffing or pile crushing do not constitute manufacturing defects. These are inherent characteristics of all pile fabrics.

Missing tufts in the looped carpet are not a defect and can be remedied by reinserting missing tufts by a qualified technician.

Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturers’ recommendations to avoid excessive expansion and contraction.

Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product’s colour when shown on our website, actual colours may vary. Due to monitor and resolution settings, subtle variations in colour and surface texture may not be fully revealed when viewing products on our website. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colours for each product available in our stores.

For an accurate representation of what a product will look like, we recommend that you view the sample of the product in a store. Product and colour availability varies by store.

Pricing and Product Availability

Not all products are available in all stores. In the event of default by the customer under any of the terms and provisions hereof, and should the service provider employ an attorney to enforce any provision hereof, or to collect damages for breach of this contract, the customer shall pay to the seller such reasonable attorney’s fees as may be expended with respect thereto.

In addition, should the buyer breach this agreement, the seller/service provider may charge and collect a restocking fee. Such remedy shall be in addition to all other remedies available to the seller/service provider.

Buyer and seller/service provider agree that this contract is the complete agreement between the parties and that everything the buyer expects the seller/service provider to perform is written hereon; buyer and seller/service provider also agree that this contract can be modified only in writing, with the consent of both parties.

Installation Information

Millerholz or the retailer will provide a proposal outlining the costs involved to install your new product. This proposal will indicate what the installation services will include.

Any additional work not outlined in this proposal may incur additional charges for installation services. Installation of flooring requires preparation of the subfloor.

The costs for this subfloor preparation are not included in the installation cost estimates shown on this site because these costs can only be determined upon site inspection.

Additional labour and materials may be required to remove and prepare a subfloor for new flooring installation. The final installation labour quote will be submitted for your approval before processing your order.