Janser Products from Millerholz:

The Right Choice for Residential and Commercial Projects

Turn to Millerholz for an unrivalled selection of tools and equipment for indoor and outdoor installation and maintenance. Janser products are perfect for residential and commercial projects, including vinyl and composite flooring, decking, fences and cladding installation. 

We have the tools to streamline every aspect of your job easier from start to finish. If you’re looking for the best in American and European equipment, turn to Janser, a leader in floor cleaning and maintenance types of machinery. Get the most reliable flooring installation equipment from Janser to make your projects look flawless at Millerholz!

Sanding Machines

Columbus Sanding Machine


Experience the ultimate sanding power with the Columbus SPEEDTRONIC 2200! Boasting 2200 watts of energy and adjustable speed control from 80 to 400 rpm, this SPEEDTRONIC is perfect for removing adhesive, sanding levelling compounds, sanding parquet floors, and more. With the additional weights included, you can easily adjust the sanding pressure according to the surface you’re working on. Not just that, it’s also great for maintenance and cleaning. And when you’re done? Dismantle it quickly for easy transportation. Get ready for quick and efficient sanding with the SPEEDTRONIC 2200!


SPEEDTRNOIC with Dust Extraction Ring – MULTI-VAC 2 (Fits on to SPEEDTRONIC)

Sanding Machine

Tiger Belt Sander


Advance Belt adjustment system

  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Height adjustable operation handle
  • Variable Drum Pressure
  • Dismantled in seconds for transportation (3 pcs)

Sanding Machine

Jaguar Drum Sander


Ideal for the hire market.

Easy to use with well-balanced safety handle.

Sanding Machine

Leopard Belt Sander


The ideal machine for medium sized surfaces or as an additional machine for larger jobs.

  • Great sanding results
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling

Staples and Nailers

Impulse Nailer IM50 F18 complete with carrying case, 1 battery, 1 battery charger, 1 pair of protective goggles

Service case with: Spray cleaner, spark plug, spark plug spanner, oil, alien key, cleaning cloth, cleaning manual (on CD)

Staples and Nailers

Impulse IM 50 F18 Brad Gun

Tubeless and Cordless

The incredible power of the cordless and tubeless nailer is ready to use with just a pull of the trigger. This strong yet lightweight tool can be adjusted for penetration depth, and its proven reliability worldwide makes it just as powerful as a pneumatic device. A small amount of fuel is injected into the combustion chamber and the spark ignites a piston to move down and create a powerful drive. Ideal for interior design, floor laying, carpentry, joinery, painting, stage construction, and fairs and exhibitions, the nailer provides a great solution for skirting boards and strips, as well as interior decorations and installations.




Proline 115 Silent


KIT Compressor & Brad Nailer FN 1850

Consisting of.

  • Compressor Praline 115 Silent – brad nailer FN 1850 spiral air hose
  • Standard coupling. 5m – brads FN 19 mm (5000 pcs)


Leonardo extra silent


KIT Silent Compressor & Brad Nailer FN 1850

Consisting of.

  • Compressor Leonardo extra silent – brad nailer FN 1850
  • High quality spiral air hose with safety coupling, 6m brads
  • FN 19 mm (Ye) (5000 pa)

Accessories & Spare Parts



Transform your outdoor space with this complete set for quickly and easily applying decking oils and stains. The set comes with a main brush and a smaller hand brush for detailed work on edges, corners, and difficult spaces. It also includes a sturdy tray and disposable tray inserts for a hasslefree cleanup.



This professional machine is designed for quick and efficient work, making it the perfect choice for both DIY and professional users. It is userfriendly and easy to use, as well as incredibly light and portable. The machine also features eccentric rotation for consistent results, and comes with a White Pad and Microfibre Pad, with various pads available for different functions.


Tiger Steel Brush Roll

  • For brushing, cleaning and texturing smooth surfaces
  • Create a rustic look

Bag-in-Bag dust bag system

This newly developed “bag-within-a-bag system” consists of an outer dust bag with a zip and a disposable inner bag, which reduces dust spillage when changing the disposable inner bag.

Extension cable 10 m (32”)


Current Limiter

For electrical machines up to 3500 Watts (4.6 hp)

  • Cost saving
  • Protects the machines
  • Increases safety


Transport Wheel Set

  • For sanding machines
  • Protects drum and wheels of sanding machine during transport


Terrace Renovator


Renovates and conserves wooden decking.

New machine for gentle and basic cleaning and the application of protective oils onto wooden decking.

Our specially designed sanding brushes come in varying levels of strength, making sure the surface maintains its structure. By adjusting the rotation speed and pressure, you can get the most out of the cleaning process, while the integrated dust extractor removes all the dust.

Protective oil is pumped directly from the pressure tank onto the wood and worked in with a round horsehair brush, providing a professional-grade finish. The machine is perfect for finishing newly laid wooden decking, as well as cleaning and maintaining through the use of the nylon cleaning brush (which is also great for WPC surfaces).


Comes complete with • Round brush grit 120 • Horsehair brush

Optional Accessories: • Round brush grit 60 • Cleaning brush • Steel wire brush